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How to Survive Spring Break in Disney World and Universal

With spring break rapidly approaching for many, the crowds at Disney World and Universal are going to skyrocket. So, how do you make the most of your vacation at such a busy time? I've got some tips to help you survive spring break in Universal and Disney.

1)Purchase Genie+ and Express Pass-My most important tip is to purchase Genie+ or Express Pass. If you don't know what these are, they're Disney and Universal's skip-the-line services. The wait times are bound to be insane during spring break, and I don't imagine you want to spend the majority of your day waiting in lines. Genie+ is used for Disney. It ranges from about $20-$35 per person per day -depending on how crowded the parks are. You have the option to purchase it for just one park, or you can purchase the park-hopper option. Express Pass is used for Universal. There are two options to choose from, Universal Express and Universal Express Unlimited. Universal Express allows you to skip the line once at eligible attractions once per attraction, where as Unlimited allows you to ride as many times as you'd like. The limited option cost $79.99-$289 per person and Unlimited cost $109.99-$319.99 per person. Know that the passes are only good for one park. Also, keep in mind that these passes just mean a shorter wait time than stand-by, they don't necessarily mean the rides are walk-ons.

2) Stay at a Disney/Universal Resort- My next tip is to stay at a Disney or Universal resort. Although they're expensive -especially during spring break-, there are some major advantages to being a resort guest. Both parks offer early park access for resort guests (30 minutes before park open for Disney, up to one hour for Universal). That's opportune time to knock out the attractions that get longer wait times later in the day. Also, guests staying at one of Universal's Premier (most expensive) hotels receive complimentary Express passes. Also, the resorts offer free transportation to the parks.

3) Prioritize- Even with Genie+ or Express Passes, it's not impossible but extremely difficult to ride every single ride in the park in one day. I highly recommend making a list of 5 or so things that are very important to you, just so you have more of a game plan. Also, have a plan B. It's possible that a ride you really wanted to ride will break down, and in the spring even more likely that it will close due to weather. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and stores to explore.

4)Be Prepared For Rain- Florida is known to get a lot of rain during the spring due to its tropical climate. I highly recommend bringing a poncho and umbrella with you to the parks. Also, have extra clothes. You do not want to be walking around in wet clothes. Although the storms are typically short, this could be an opportunity to go back to your resort and get away from the heat.

Well, that's all the advice I have on surviving spring break at Disney and Universal. I hope this is helpful to you. Subscribe to my mailing list to get notified whenever I post. Thanks !

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