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Disney College Program Advice

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

With the first arrvals for the Spring 2024 CPs coming in just a few weeks, I know many people are nervous, but don't fret! Having done one CP, I have plenty of advice!

  1. Expect to come home late- Most of the time, CPs work until closing. This means you might not be getting home until about 11 PM or even later. Make sure you have quick and easy to make dinners available, because you won't feel like cooking when you get home.

  2. Taking the bus- If you're not bringing a car, Disney has busses that take you to and from work. Sometimes, these busses are late or break down. I highly advise taking the bus before the one you're supposed to take, just to avoid being late. You get points for being late, calling in sick or not showing up at all. 3 points in 30 days results in a reprimand, so you want to do everything you can to avoid being late.

  3. Invest in a cart-Flamingo Crossings offers shopping carts to rent or buy. I highly suggest investing in one. It made shopping so much easier not having to carry all of my bags. Also,they're not expensive.

  4. Making Friends - One way to make friends on your DCP is to join your DCP's Facebook page. You can also look up hashtags such as #DCPspring2024 on Instagram. Also, attend the events at Flamingo! There are events such as casino night, and during the fall "Andy's Friendsgiving".

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