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All About the Quick Service Role at Disney World

Updated: Jan 14

So, you just got the QSFB role and aren't sure what the heck it entails. No worries, I've got the lowdown on the role for you. On my first Disney College Program, I worked QSFB at Peco's Bill in Magic Kingdom, and loved it. So, what are the pros and cons of the role?


  • Lots of guest interaction- One positive thing about this role is that you get a lot of customer interaction. Whether you're behind the counter serving food, or taking orders at the register, you're pretty much always interacting with guests. Even when you're bussing or taking out the trash, guests will ask you questions. Most of the time, the guests are pleasant, but as with any customer service job, there are sometimes rude guests. All you can do is brush it off and move on and focus on the positive interactions.

  • Air conditioning- Unless you're in one of the outdoor stands, you'll be able to escape the Florida heat in the air conditioning.

  • Ordering lunch at work- Another pro of working QSFB is that if you forget your lunch, you can order it from the restaurant you work at, just let the kitchen know! It was a little harder for me becuase I didn't eat meat at the time and most of the options on the menu were

meat, but I always found something.


  • No fun nails- If you're a girl and like to get your nails done , I've got bad news for you . Disney doesn't alllow people who work in QSFB to have long or painted nails .

  • Trash Duty- If you work QSFB, you'll have trash duty from time to time. Needless to say, this was my least favorite assignment at Peco's. It's just gross (someone even left a dirty diaper in our trash once)!

  • Can be overwhelmng- As with most jobs at a place as busy as Disney, QSFB can be stressful. Sure, there are many times where it's slow, but there are also lots of times where you've got twenty people in line. My best advice is to take it one order at a time.

In conclusion, I believe any job is what you make of it. Sure , there are some donsides to working QSFB, but there are also so many pros and you get to see some magical moments.

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